Finally! The 45 Pokemon cards which smelled horribly of cigarette smell when they arrived last week, smell fine! Baking Soda for the win!

(There were seven cards that still smelled a little, they went back in the baking soda.)

Treehouse of Horror 25, what?!?!?!

Playing around with my autoharp when he got home from school (I left it out after practicing).


Because word nerd.

For the ArcAttack show, there were sound-reducing muffler headsets at each seat. Very appreciated.

I have now officially asked for a giant computer table for my 40th birthday. lol

Also there was this cool guitar exhibit, with the world’s largest guitar (seen here being played by Remy).

The reason we went to the LSC: to see ArcAttack (a guy in a Faraday Suit playing guitar whilst lightening is being generated by Tesla coils). SUPER COOL SCIENCE IS SUPER COOL!