Ze kitties, zey go head to head.

Feeling blah (still coughing)

Having fun.

Messing around with distortion.

(All My Loving - first time on electric.)

It’s about to get all electric up in here. At Remy’s suggestion!

Inspired by my friend @amypalko to go kaleidoscopic today. :-)

Another photo from our California trip (also from the Oakland zoo adventure) and another “zomg will this bronchitis never end” spiel on my blog (I’m being facetious, of course it’s going to end and I am really feeling much much better, even if I had a wee bit of a downturn yesterday afternoon). Also a teeny taste of our car-shopping adventures (at least, a spoiler as to what decision we made <cough>mini countryman<cough>).

Cats before teeth brushing

Serenading me.