Whoa. Remy’s foot is almost as big as my feet. Mind. Blown.

My mom wanted to see the ponytails I’ve been rocking lately.

From shot to finish, Remy had creative control over this #remychi365 (usually he creative directs the photo but doesn’t actually take it).

So Remy is one quest away from finishing MagiQuest - it may take us a bazillion hours, tho, even with team work. Defeating the silver dragon is HARD, y’all.

Meanwhile, there’s bumper cars (Demo Derby), to calm him down in between fails.

(Bumper cars = sensory seeking heaven.)

Remy is a morning person. And how!

Definitely not a morning person, but coffee helps #augustbreak2014

Today was one of those wanting to crawl back to bed days. I was going to have some wine but decided against it. Just need to sleep. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Tomorrow is a new day.

Lucky shot

Little / anxiety - for the prompts today, on my blog.

Today’s prompts response on my blog today. Memory and trees (and my eventual possible tattoo?).