Today was hard/sad, but writing (and some reading which reminded me of my goals and my need to be present and gentle) helped a little and so I was able to be present with Remy, who had a “great day!” (Woohoo!)

But oh grief. Oh. Come slam into me in the dark, why dontcha?

Caleb’s yahrzeit - the one year anniversary of his death - began at sunset tonight. So much grief in this beautiful, painful world. I am sending so much love to my friend @esnooopy and her family. May his memory be a blessing, to life!

From last week: our soccer kid at practice

Ebbing and flowing, in poetry, on my blog today.

We unexpectedly went to the Ren Faire again today (last day of the season). It was exhausting and fun. (And OMG, filled with dust. Crazy amounts of dust. Ugh. I heart benedryl because dust and me do not get along too well.)

Not a fan of photos.

He decided to make photo copies of the pick your own adventure book. (Also: look how short his hair is! It doesn’t curl at all at this length.)

Fade to birds

And done! His hair is still damp, so I’ll try to get another shot once it’s dry :-)

(It’s been over a year since his last haircut.)

For the first but I had to help him hold his head steady, but he’s got it now. And the clippers just came out. I may be needed again…. Much giggling happens with the clippers.